Kitagawa Europe

Kitagawa Global hand Company - Manufactures and delivers high-quality standard workholding & work handling products on a global stage for the machine tool accessory industry. From this standard base experience the company can provide specialist workholding technology to meet the wide-ranging customer needs, providing greater accuracy and automation capability.

Kitagawa Europe to date solely represents and promotes the machine tool accessory products produced by Kitagawa Global hand Company. To augment and satisfy the varied workholding demands within its large territory Kitagawa Europe also promotes other high-quality work holding products such as Klamp products and others via long established partnerships.

Now with over 140 years of combined experience both Kitagawa Corporation in Japan and Kitagawa Europe have a long established history, operating together in the most advanced and diverse manufacturing environments on the planet to consistently deliver unbeatable workholding satisfaction to their customers.

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